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Welcome to Lushcacia Fabrics Collection, Where you will discover wide range of quality products available to buy at best value for money prices. “We have exclusive products and expert staff to serve you and design your dream home. “We have a large range of custom made Australia Zip ® Guided Track Outdoor Blind, Outdoor Trellis Roof, Outdoor Decking, Telfon Invisible Grilles, UltraMax Zipblind®, Skyline, Pergola, Artificial Carpet Grass, Curtains, Blinds, Wallpapers, Vinyl floor, window films, Smart Home System to decorate your ideal home in any way you like”


Australia Zip ®️ Guided track
Australia Zip ®️ Guided Track

Australia Zip ®️ Guided track

AustraliaZip® takes pride in its Adelaide-based custom manufacturing process, ensuring that each product is tailored to meet individual requirements with unwavering quality and consistency. The system's patented mounting channels offer unique solutions for circular columns and angled surfaces, ensuring versatile installation possibilities. Moreover, AustraliaZip® showcases a concealed side spline design within its guide tracks, providing a seamless and polished appearance. When it comes to fabric choices, AustraliaZip® offers a diverse selection, including PVC options with generous 10-year manufacturers' warranties. The system incorporates 100% Australian aluminum, paired with marine-grade stainless steel fixings, making it highly suitable for coastal regions where durability is of utmost importance. AustraliaZip® prides itself on its extensive range of mounting options, which encompass brackets, extruded profiles, and roll-formed aluminum components. By minimizing the use of plastic elements, the system exhibits excellent resistance to degradation caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation. This comprehensive approach underscores AustraliaZip®'s commitment to delivering reliable and long-lasting outdoor shading solutions.

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"Australia Zip ®️ Guided track was installed last year in our balcony. The workmanship is good. The service was provided by Sam with the colleagues even great after sales. Which we engaged Lushcacia to provide another service for us this year."

Meiying Wang

Meiying Wang


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